PREMIERE | um.. Psych Us Out With Heavy New ‘not sick’ EP + Exclusive Video Review

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The producer duo known as um.. have made quite a name for themselves in the bass-music scene over the past five years. With their lengthy discography made up of a wide variety of excessive distortion and questionable preset decisions, today we’ve accepted the opportunity to premiere their new not sick EP.

The boys couldn’t have picked a better title for this latest offering! Packaged as a sort of contradiction to everything TSIS holds sacred, um..’s new inappropriately labeled project is definitely an…interesting sonic journey.

Weighing in at four tracks and featuring a wealth of eerily low-quality soundscapes, gritty, massively clipping 808’s and some truly unprecedented percussion patterns, we for one can definitely wait for the day that we get to hear this on a festival sound-system. Stream um..’s new not sick EP, out now via Deadbeats and see what they had to say about our premiere below. Enjoy!

Note: This post is intended to be satirical. um..’s new EP is sick & we’re happy to be premiering it alongside our friends at Deadbeats.

um.. – not sick

um.. – TSIS sik or suk