Understory Unveils Third Song Together, Radiant Dance Track “Dividing Line”


Today we are introducing you to two brilliant Oakland musicians who have merged together for a wonderful marriage of their sounds. Singer Tokay makes striking indie dance tracks, while producer John F. Hennessy usually dabbles in the more melodic dubstep side of EDM. Joined as their new project Understory, they’ve been churning out tunes with a unique touch—like “Dividing Line”, released last week.

This shimmering electronic jam is a perfect experimental blend of both artists’ original genres, where they meet in the middle and settle into an animated sound. The tempo starts slow underneath Tokay’s wistful vocals, and then quickly picks up and explodes with energy in the radiant drop with poignant chords. Their third track as a freshly-formed group, “Dividing Line” is their most playful, colorful, and textured tune yet.  

You can listen to the song below. Enjoy!

Understory – Dividing Line