Usher – Climax (Produced by Diplo) (Vaski Remix) : Filthy Dubstep Remix + Electro Soul Original

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Today I've got a filthy new dubstep remix from Vaski, the guy who made the epic crunchy Sandstorm remix awhile back. Well today he takes the new track "Climax" from Usher produced by Diplo that sounds almost like a track from The Weeknd. The original track has proved to be quite catchy, thanks to Diplo's amazing production.

For this remix by Vaski, he does a great job at pumping it full of filthy bass, while till letting the vocals shine through perectly. He makes a bass powered baby making anthem.Turn them both up, let me know which you like better. Enjoy!

Usher – Climax (Produced by Diplo) (Vaski Remix) | Direct Download

Usher – Climax (Produced by Diplo)