Indie-Pop Duo Vaarwell Deliver Intoxicating Performance On “Fall Back”


We have got a seriously special treat for you guys: a dreamy new track from London-based band Vaarwell. They are known for their seamless blend of soft musical styles, and their single “Fall Back” does just that. The sultry song, which is the lead single off their upcoming album Consume & Grow, is a cohesive mesh of indie, alternative, and a little R&B.

Each element of the song brings a new layer of emotion. The dreamy and wavy synthwork add a sexiness that is amplified by the sensual and delicate croon of singer Margarida’s vocals. You can feel the raw and alluring emotion that the rhythm conveys like surge of ethereal energy washing over you.

You can listen to “Fall Back” below, and your ears will thank you for this one. Enjoy!

Vaarwell – Fall Back