Vancouver Sleep Clinic Delivers Stunning New Electronic R&B Song “Silver Lining”


Today we have Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s latest song “Silver Lining” and we’re loving it. The 21-year-old artist Tim Bettinson is a Brisbane, Australia native who is a talented vocalist and producer that’s impressed us over the past few years and has returned with new music this year after.

"Silver Lining is about watching someone become too good for you. I’ve lost people I care about to the limelight before, and while you’re trying to be happy for them, sometimes you just miss the days when everything was so simple." – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

He just recently dropped his EP Therapy Phase 001 where he linked up with Drew Love of THEY. on “Closure” and returns with this stunning new song “Silver Lining.” Bettinson recently escaped a label deal and kicks off his next project with this impressive new song that we already have on repeat. Here Vancouver Sleep Clinic puts his sound design talents and ear for melody on full display with the relaxing track pairing lush chords with skittering percussion. His soft vocals shine throughout this new song blending elements of R&B with hip-hop in the best way. His falsetto vocals prove to be the perfect pairing with the instrumental and we can’t wait to hear what else he has coming up. Enjoy!

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Silver Lining