Vandelux Releases Long-Awaited Debut Album ‘When The Light Breaks’


It’s hard to believe that we’ve been hearing new music from Vandelux for over seven years now, since his debut single, “Stimulus,” arrived in 2016. The Canadian producer now arrives at a monumental peak in his career, with the release of his debut album, When The Light Breaks.

Vandelux incorporates his signature, warm synth tones throughout the album, giving each track a consistently vibrant quality. Airy percussion lifts his arrangements to new heights, as his melodies soar overtop with ease. From happy, to sad, to pensive, Vandelux explores a variety of topics in his lyrics, leaving the listener with not only a catchy melody to sing along to, but something to really think about.

Vandelux shared his thoughts on the project, commenting:

This project has been a four year therapy session for me. It has helped me through some of the lowest points in my life, and has also given me an outlet to express and hold onto some of the absolute high points. As much as I want to say I created this album for others, it was really a selfish endeavor. But I hope that others find something here that helps them – or brings them joy – in the same way that writing it did for me.

You can stream When The Light Breaks at the link below, out everywhere via TH3RD BRAIN RECORDS. Enjoy!

Vandelux – When The Light Breaks