VC Pines Reflects on Personal Hardship with Debut Album ‘MRI’


Telling the tale of “someone struggling with mental health, juggling relationships, friendships, addictions and emotions, while being a creative person,” VC Pines‘s debut album, MRI, is truly something to behold. We were extremely impressed by the artistry of the indie-pop whiz, as he reflects on “having suffered with seizures since he was seventeen-years-old,” coming out on the other side with a creative masterpiece.

VC Pines shares a cinematic introduction to the album, featuring sounds of an actual MRI being sampled. Straight into the second track, we are immediately reminded of VC Pines’s melodic genius. Equally catchy as they are unique and tasteful, VC’s pop-infused vocals cascade overtop groovy instrumentals. A saturated drum kit establishes a common thread throughout the album, tying all of the songs together.

VC Pines shared his thoughts on the debut album, commenting:

Wow. My debut album MRI is OUT TODAY as an independent artist, there are so many mental and physical hurdles you have to throw yourself over and a few more when you’re managing yourself, to put projects out that you’re happy with and make sure they reach people. Feeling pretty proud to have made it happen. MRI is about my mental health, and the journey that epilepsy has taken me on over the years and every day. It’s about navigating emotions, seizures, nostalgia and keeping hold of the strings that hold your life together, whilst perusing creativity and growing up in London. As much as these songs are birthed from my experiences, I hope you find parts of yourselves in the lyrics, and that this album feels just as much yours as it does mine. 

You can stream MRI at the link below. Enjoy!

VC Pines – MRI

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