VCTRE Displays Budding Talent On Sophomore Album ‘East Kings Point’

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Rising bass producer Aaron Pugh, aka VCTRE, has gained acclaim with his guttural yet ethereal music. Via Deadbeats, VCTRE delivers his captivating sophomore album East Kings Point.

The album sees VCTRE showcasing his ability to evoke different emotions through bass music. “Pull Up” and “Don’t Take It Personally” are irresistable bangers that’ll have you making your nastiest bass face. “Vacant Memories,” the second track on the album, is much more introspective and mystical. The track was written in dedication to all of VCTRE’s friends who’ve passed, including bass icon CharlestheFirst.

On the track specifically, VTRE shared a heartfelt message on Twitter,


— VCTRE (@VCTRE_) November 22, 2023

Stream East Kings Point below and enjoy!

VCTRE – East Kings Point

-Written By: JD Scribner