Verdance Debuts on Loci Records with Deep New Single “Takuu”

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Coming from the UK, Jake Brown has dabbled in many areas of music production. He previously made more hip-hop inspired tracks under the name Handbook, but recently he’s started the Verdance project.   Now his sound is very rooted in nature and ambient elements, which led to his latest track “Takuu” getting picked up by Loci Records for release last week. 

“Takuu” is full of life, with samples of birds chirping, the wind blowing, and atmospheric textures that truly place you in another world. Verdance manages to really encapture the mood of a peaceful nature scene and translate it through song. He adds bright synths and tempo changes to snd listeners through peaks and valleys of the soundscape, feeling like a journey over the course of the track’s four minutes.

You can listen to “Takuu” below. Enjoy!

Verdance – Takuu