Vijunns Releases Slow-Burning Indie Single “Apex”


If you feel like life has been weighing on you recently (and haven’t we all), LA producer Vijunns has got the tune to guide you through. In his own words, he describes “Apex” as “a cathartic release from the intensity of the political & social climate a lot of us have been feeling these past couple of years.”

Vijunns expertly blends electronica synth with alt-indie drums to create an introspective mood. Reverb heavy effects add to the expansive ambiance of “Apex;” we can feel Vijunns moving through space to discover the limits of what he can do on this track. The rising swells of synth give way to churning rhythms and faded melodies.

The beauty of this track is that it reminds us of how much music can influence and shape our moods—it reminds us of hope. You can check it out using the link below. Enjoy!

Vijunns – Apex