Watch Vince Staples’ Hilarious ‘Hot Ones’ Interview While Eating Spicy Wings


It’s no secret Vince Staples is one of the best personalities in music today. In addition to having one of our favorite albums so far this year, he also just delivers one of the best “Hot Ones” interviews where interviewees try different hot sauces while doing an interview.

Per usual, Vince is hilarious throughout the 20-minute episode. Vince knows his shit with hot sauce and discusses various topics including the best things to do in Long Beach, Videogames, doing Yelp reviews and more. He delivers a ton of quotable lines including some gems “Chipotle is gentrification and they killin people”, and “whale watching is lowkey sad though, you feel like you invading their personal space”. Watch the whole episode and enjoy!

Vince Staples – Hot Ones Episode