Vintage Culture Releases Long-Awaited Debut Album ‘Promised Land’


With a career spanning over ten years, electronic music icon, Vintage Culture, is finally ready to share his first studio album with the world. The long-awaited LP finally satiates the producer’s millions of fans across the globe, and proves well-worth the wait. The debut album, Promised Land, is here.

Promised Land sees a seamless blend of techno and house influence, in signature Vintage Culture fashion. Vocal features from ARMONICA to Braev provide a unique quality to each track, allowing Vintage Culture to get creative with his production and tailor it to the vocalists’ individual styles. The sixteen track LP maintains a relatively high energy for the entirety of the album, but does feature the occasional calming moment.

Vintage Culture commented on the album, sharing:

Years in the works, and my debut album is finally here. Thanks to everyone who made this possible and to you, my fans, for supporting me all the way through this. Thanks to my team and collaborators.

You can stream Promised Land at the link below. Enjoy!

Vintage Culture – Promised Land