Recap: GRiZ’s Camp Kulabunga Goes Virtual to Encourage Self-Empowerment & Good Vibes

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Each year since 2018, GRiZ & friends have hosted an amazing retreat called Camp Kulabunga, which is essentially a holistic summer camp experience where individuals from all over gather for workshops that cultivate personal growth. Their message is based on four main principles: to inspire wellness, community, radical inclusion, and self-empowerment. These good vibes are something that the world could especially use right now, and the Kulabunga team was not going to let the pandemic stop them from spreading positivity.

For the 2021 edition, just like last year, they took to the internet for Virtual Kulabunga and invited everyone to tune in for an immersive and empowering online experience. Participants even got a wristband to print out and wear so that it could ~almost~ feel like things were normal.

The itinerary was jam-packed with talks, yoga, art, breathwork, and all kinds of self-expression and self-care activities including face-painting, drawing, and even a fun, engaging fitness class. Kulabunga has an incredible staff of facilitators including yogis, lifestyle coaches, educators, and motivational speakers who worked through powerful topics like gratitude, mindfulness, and being your authentic self. GRiZ himself even held a creative writing workshop, where he threw out words and prompts and encouraged people not to self-criticize and just create space to cultivate and reflect in the blank pages of their workbook.  

There were tears shed, stories shared, and a lot of lives transformed by some of the breakthroughs. The Zoom chat was abundant with praise from people saying that they felt truly refreshed and that they had a renewed mindset following the exercises.

It was so nice to see spirits alive and well, and even if it was through the computer screen, this community cultivates an atmosphere of a real in-person retreat. Hundreds were watching from tapestry-adorned living rooms across the globe, and seeing everyone participate in events and reacting, listening, laughing, and learning made it truly feel like we were connected.

And the cherry on top of the Virtual Kulabunga cake? At the end of the event after talking about what a special two days it had been, it got a little more special. GRiZ threw down an exclusive little DnB live set on Twitch (with some unfinished tracks!) to top it all off. The weekend closed with everyone dancing around on their screens, concluding a wholesome and fun virtual experience.