Porter Robinson Shares Second Single “Ghost Voices” Under New Alias, Virtual Self


Exactly two weeks ago, Porter Robinson returned with a new single “Eon Break” under the alias Virtual Self. While little information surrounding the new project has been released, a few days ago a reddit user by the name of shirazdh discovered a Virtual Self event dated for December 8 at the Avant Gardner in Brooklyn. New comments on the reddit post from users who have supposedly contacted the venue, now suggest that the show may be 18+ and that tickets will announced in the near future. Amidst all the confusion and excitement, today Porter has shared yet another incredible single under his new alias, titled, “Ghost Voices”.

This latest single is special for a couple of reasons. While Virtual Self’s first release, “Eon Break” embodied a sound relatively different from what we’re used to from Porter (i.e. Worlds or even Spitfire), it catered more to Porter’s influences, namely, video games like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). And although this latest track, characterized by a bass-heavy 4/4 trance house vibe, continues to widen the gap between Porter’s, well, virtual and physical producer identities, traces of Porter’s production methods can be heard throughout.

Wispy vocal chops, glitchy sound design and even some vibrant atmospheric plucks, almost reminiscent of the intro to “Spitfire”, give the listener some confirmation that Virtual Self is in fact Porter. Check out “Ghost Voices” below and keep an eye out for more Virtual Self, as it seems a two-week Wednesday release pattern may possibly be emerging. Enjoy!

Virtual Self – Ghost Voices