Vita Lioni Is Simply Spellbinding On Ambient R&B Single “Sweetest Captor”


Vita Lioni is a Filipina/Canadian R&B singer, songwriter, and producer from Vancouver that should definitely be on your radar. We fell prey to her enchanting sound with the release of her latest single, “Sweetest Captor,” and if you’re in the market for six and a half minutes of bliss, look no further.

Distant synths cast a soft glow on the background of this calming cut, while an easy drum kit drives the tune forward. But the spotlight truly belongs to Lioni. The sensual songstress weaves a hypnotic spell, opting to showcase the beauty of her veteran vocal control rather than over stimulate the tune with excess embellishment. The ambient nature of both the vocals and the production create an unbelievably calming aura that is as stunning as it is sedative.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to light some candles and pour a hot beverage with this tune tonight. Stream Vita Lioni’s new single, “Sweetest Captor,” below. Enjoy!

Vita Lioni – Sweetest Captor