Viva la Vida vs Bad Romance (Dj’s From Mars Remix) – DJs FROM MARS ELECTRO BANGER


Djs From Mars are two dj's that have been killing it across the pond in Italy. They have put out a ton of high quality originals and remixes like the ACDC vs Katy Perry vs Timbaland remix and the insane Rihanna vs UB40 BANGER. These songs are not your ordinary mashups, Dj's From Mars use samples of these songs but they transform them into Electro House Bangers! The song starts with some chill synths and melodies. It picks up to a at 1:00 when lady Gaga's acapellas comes in, but this song really bangs after the epic breakdown. This is one of those songs that takes a while but if you give it time you realize what a perfect BANGER it is. Enjoy!

Viva La Vida vs Bad Romance – Lady Gaga vs Coldplay (DJs From Mars BANGER Remix) | Download

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