Volz & KamDoja Dial In A Focused Vibe On Mellow New Hip-Hop Track “Joansin”


The right beat can take a song a long way. But get the right artists over that beat and its lights out. Our next track has that beautiful combination on lock as artists, Volz & KamDoja, emerge from the always underrated North Carolina hip-hop scene to drop their new single, “Joansin’.”

A hypnotic guitar loop lays a sedated vibe but the pattering drum kiti keeps the energy from dipping too low. Volz & KamDoja match that breezy but focused feel with their controlled kinetic vocal lines reeling you in deeper and deeper with each bar.

“Joansin’” is the latest single off the Volz & KamDoja collaboration EP titled It’s Up To You. The project is set to release on all major streaming platforms on March 28, 2021. Until then you can rock this mellow mood by streaming the track below. Enjoy!

Volz & KamDoja – Joansin’