Wabisabi Drops Dreamy, Melodic Chillwave Track “Tunnel Vision”


Hailing from Japan, Mickey Langley is the mastermind behind the Wabisabi project, as well as the founder of music agency, Tokyo Native. He just dropped his fifth release under the Wabisabi moniker, and it’s a delightful switch-up from his usual stuff. “Tunnel Vision” is a melodic chillwave song with a more electronic focus than we’re used to seeing from him.

Wabisabi’s typical sound is found at a unique intersection of lo-fi hip hop samples and downtempo beats. For this latest track, he keeps the same amount of soul but goes for a lighter vibe, anchoring on an airy, breathable melody. “Tunnel Vision” features an eclectic and emotive tempo, backed by tight percussion and oscillating synths. There’s a twinkling vocal chop that floats over the song, weaving in and out and giving it a little extra pizzazz.

You can stream the track below. Enjoy!

Wabisabi – Tunnel Vision