Waka Flocka – O Let’s Do It (Heroes + Villains Remix): TOO SICK BANGER REMIX


Waka Flocka is another sick new up and coming rapper, and he gets mixed reviews. Some don't like the way he raps, and I've have countless others raving about how they can't get enough Waka Flocka. Well I think some of his songs are pretty hot, then I heard this remix and had to post it. It's a BANGER remix done by Heroes + Villians, and you guys liked what they did with Lil Jon's U Don't Like Me. This remix is too sick, and I'm sure most of you guys will love it. It's such a sick chilled out BANGER. Turn up the bass and enjoy!

O Let's Do It (Heroes Villains Remix) – Wacka Flacka | Download

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