Walker & Royce Release Uplifting, Atmospheric House Track “Need 2 Freek” Via DIRTYBIRD

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DIRTYBIRD OG’s Walker & Royce are back on the label with the release of their first original track of 2020. “Need 2 Freek” is a soothing yet bouncy cut of mystifying synth work and hypnotic vocals. The track is really uplifting, inspiring a carefree attitude and calling us to embrace our inner dirtybird and just “freek.”

The track is underscored by all sorts of fun synths, from long, ascendant chords, to short and groovy metallic pangs and blips. They give the track that lifelike, trippy energy that DIRTYBIRD releases are renowned for. “Need 2 Freek” releases listeners into an atmospheric space with its pulsating and vibrant sonics and euphoric vocals.

Walker & Royce have shown some impressive versatility and forward thinking with this release. Check out the fun visualizer for the track in the stream below. Enjoy!

Walker & Royce – Need 2 Freek