Walker & Royce Get Down And Dirty On Sophomore Album ‘No Big Deal’

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Anyone who’s been to a Walker & Royce show knows just how sensory the experience is. The New York duo has been moving dance floors and bursting clubs for over a decade. In that time they’ve garnered a reputation for left field bangers, head-spinning heaters, and heart-pounding stompers. In the seven years since their debut album, Self Help, they’ve only gotten better and more bold. Don’t believe us? Take sophomore album, No Big Deal, for a spin and find out.

Ten dizzying dance tracks provide a full array of off-the-wall auditory experiences in this new project. Maybe the frantic drum & bass hypnosis of “The Tea” will capture your attention. Or maybe, the deep, dark, seismic machine that is “I Don’t Remember” will be your highlight. With the help of guests like VNSSA, Reggie Watts, Elohim, and more, Walker & Royce deliver an album that is set to be your weekend soundtrack.

The Dirtybird duo might call this project, No Big Deal, but we’re here to tell you it is in fact a very big deal. While few artists stretch their sonic sensibilities further than Walker & Royce, few have mastered the fringes of dance music like they have. So grab your good headphones and your dancing shoes and find some space to dance, Walker & Royce’s No Big Deal is available to stream below. Enjoy!

Walker & Royce – No Big Deal

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