Watch Action Bronson’s Must-See Set from Rolling Loud 2021

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Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the music festivals that upload entire sets. Rolling Loud, one of the top hip-hop festivals in the country, has shared various sets from their New York-based event, which took place last weekend. Of the many sets on their channel that deserve praise, the one we can’t get enough of is Action Bronson‘s, who held nothing back.

At one point during the performance, Mr. Baklava lets the crowd know that he grew up “five minutes that way,” as he points behind the crowd. On his home turf, Action proceeded to deliver a remarkable performance. There are some people who were born entertainers, and Action Bronson is definitely one of them.

Unlike many of the performers at Rolling Loud, there was absolutely no backing track, just The Alchemist spinning instrumentals and Action Bronson absolutely going off, never missing a beat. This is also one of the first times we’ve seen him perform since shedding 130 pounds.

You can watch Action Bronson’s full 30-minute set from Rolling Loud below. Enjoy!

Action Bronson live @ Rolling Loud 2021