Watch All 6 Pretty Lights Sets Live from Mission Ballroom

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Pretty Lights’ long-awaited return to music kicked off with a bang this past weekend. His Soundship Spacesystem tour broke ground at Denver’s Mission Ballroom for three days of music that spanned anything from old school classics to new unreleased material. Just hours before the first performance, the team announced that they would be streaming the entire show via Pretty Lights’ Twitch account, dubbing it The Lucid Stream.

Derek Vincent Smith looked rejuvenated and happier than ever as he played conductor to his live band consisting of Chris Karns, Borahm Lee, Michal Menert, and Alvin Ford Jr. There were no openers whatsoever and the band performed nearly four hours of music each night.

So many fans have been speculating what the new live show would look like and it’s clear that Pretty Lights and co are re-inspired with reworks, edits, and jam-like renditions of all their material. With tickets being extremely hard to come by, it was a huge relief for fans to be able to witness these historical shows. The highly technical livestreams provided their own flair and experience for fans and even prompted the birth of the legend hereby known as ‘The Celtics Guy.’

As of now, you can watch every single livestream after a faithful fan uploaded them to their YouTube channel. Check out Pretty Lights’ live streamed Mission Ballroom shows below. Enjoy!