Watch An Epic Rare b2b Performance From Skrillex And Bonobo

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Skrillex and Bonobo are both legends. The two have impressed me with incredible DJ sets over the years and now teamed up for a rare b2b appearance Printworks London for an epic set. The surprise appearance from the two was caught on video and is giving me the ultimate FOMO. Check out the rare set below and enjoy!


Perhaps one of the most unique Hydra showcases to date. An unprecedented level of music selection was on show throughout the evening capped by a back to back of gigantic proportions from @si_bonobo and @Skrillex.

— The Hydra (@TheHydraLdn) October 15, 2019

A titanic meeting of two of electronic music’s most decisive and individual entities, a surprise back to back from @si_bonobo and @Skrillex was one of the most unique happenings the Press Halls has ever seen.

— Printworks London (@Printworks_LDN) October 13, 2019

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