Watch An In-Depth Sampling Breakdown of Daft Punk’s 2001 album ‘Discovery’


Daft Punk released their 10th Anniversary edition of Random Access Memories earlier this month which gifted fans the first unreleased music in over ten years. While the Parisian producers have sadly decided to hang up the gloves, we’ll continue to marvel at their legendary careers for years to come.

The popular YouTube channel, Digging The Greats, created an in-depth look into the masterclass of sampling, songwriting, and creation of Daft Punk’s famed 2001 album, Discovery. The video breaks down the groundbreaking “microchopping” technique used in songs like “Face to Face,” the incredible influence of Todd Edwards, and more.

Even 22 years later, Discovery still stands up to the test of time and continues to play an influential role in the lives of modern-day artists and fans alike. Check out the video below and enjoy!

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