Watch Baauer Deliver an Unruly DJ Set in a Secret Warehouse Location

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For a while now, we’ve been seriously digging everything coming out of DEF‘s warehouse parties in Atlanta. The ATL collective has not only been throwing some amazing events but has been sharing top-quality recordings of the sets, too. The latest to take the stage at their “secret warehouse location” for THE ØFFLINE PROJECT is none other than New York’s high-energy hall-of-famer, Baauer.

There are only a small handful of full, live DJ sets from Baauer that exist on YouTube, so consider this a treat. Baauer, who has evolved far past any trap pigeonholing, doles out some raucous cuts here. Every type of genre is on the table, and the way he moves in and out of certain styles is something to behold. Known to be a comedian as well, he even includes a cheeky “Harlem Shake” fake-out (that you just had to expect when it was building up).

You can check out Baauer’s full set at THE ØFFLINE PROJECT by DEF below. Enjoy!