Watch deadmau5 Perform a 2-Hour Drum & Bass Set In His Home Studio

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Drum & Bass has been making its way into the North American mainstream circuit more and more over the past few years. Artists like REAPER, Kumarion, Bensley, and Justin Hawkes have been paving the way for the scene over here and now deadmau5 is even drinking the kool-aid.

This past weekend, the legendary Canadian producer took to his usual Twitch channel to stream some new music but this time decided to showcase his newfound affinity for drum & bass. The two-hour performance is riddled with all kinds of deep cuts, edits, and mashups, including tracks from Muzo, ATMOS, Spektiv, and Entita.

It’s unclear if this is just a one-off experimental performance for deadmau5 or if this could be the imminent rise of DnBmau5. Either way, we’ll take what we can get! Check out the video below and enjoy!