Watch DROELOE’s Breathtaking Audio-Visual Live Performance

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Earlier this year, DROELOE released his groundbreaking debut solo album The Art Of Change. The project expanded upon the familiar sound of DROELOE while adding a unique accompanying visual component to the music. DROELOE has now breathed new life into the album with a one-of-a-kind audio visual performance.

The performance is a live fifteen minute medley of songs from The Art of Change that follows DROELOE as he performs several instruments. DROELOE also worked hand-in-hand with acclaimed digital artist Funi to create the visual components for the album. The backdrop of the video showcases Funi’s digital artwork, unlocking new worlds explored through the music.

The pure artistry and creativity on display here is unlike anything we’ve ever seen and it’s amazing to see what digital art and live music can look and sound like together. DROELOE is also currently in the midst of his accompanying live tour where you can see all of these concepts in person. Check out the full list of tour dates here.

Watch the live performance below and enjoy!