Watch Ekali Share Epic Collaboration With ZHU At Life Is Beautiful Festival


Out of all the noteworthy releases that artists have shared this year, two producers that have consistently impressed are no doubt Ekali and ZHU. Although the two possess different styles – Ekali hones a vibrant, future-style sound while ZHU presents some of the darkest, most eccentric creations we’ve ever heard – both have stepped up throughout 2017.

Young producer Ekali has come into his own, dropping heavy collaborations like “Akira” with KRANE and “Babylon” with Denzel Curry, as well as launching his successful ‘Awakening’ mix series. ZHU, on the other hand, has remained powerful as ever, sharing an intense EP ‘stardustexhalemarrakechdreams,’ launching his Blacklizt warehouse shows and much, much more.

Something we never could have predicted? A collaboration from these two. Ekali shared just that this weekend during his performance at Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, later confirming via Reddit that it is indeed a collab between he and ZHU. Both of the producer’s signatures come together seamlessly with this one. ZHU’s hollow, haunting lyrics pair well with Ekali’s dynamic production, with the drop blending contrasting dark and light elements to create a sound all its own. Check it out below and enjoy!