Watch Full Never-Before-Seen Tupac Interview Uncovered by MTV


There are artists in every genre that break boundaries and pave a path like no one else before them.  In Hip-Hop, one of these most notable artists is the late, great, Tupac Shakur.  His music and use of his public platform had a remarkable impact on pop culture the likes of which only a select few have replicated.  Nowadays, his memory is kept alive by his extensive discography, TV and movie roles, and a healthy library of past interviews, and even 23 years after his passing, we are still occasionally being blessed with unreleased interviews with the late rapper.

Much to the delight of Hip-Hop fans, MTV recently released a previously unavailable 20 minute interview between reporter, Tabitha Soren, and Tupac Shakur.  The interview covers a wealth of deep topics ranging from the origins of his name and his upbringing in Baltimore, to his thoughts on one day being a father and plans to establish a national system of community centers. This deeply personal yet conversational interview provides an in-depth look into who Tupac was in his own words.  While this interview is a must see for Tupac and Hip-Hop fans, I would definitely recommend any music fan giving it a watch. Enjoy!