Watch House Legends Jamie Jones & Erick Morillo Livestream An Epic Lockdown Set

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Since everyone is stuck at home, the internet is being treated to tons of epic livestream sets. Artists are no longer touring, so it’s the perfect time to set up wherever is possible and let the bangers fly. Today, Jamie Jones and Erick Morillo played a set from Erick’s quarantined house in Miami.

With both Jamie and Erick being owners of two massive labels (Hot Creations and Subliminal), these guys are no doubt sitting on truckloads of music. Both of them are rinsing out some feel-good house music, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for a pleasant, quarantined afternoon. This set definitely will spice up an otherwise mundane day. Throw this on the best speakers you got and get ready to groove.

Check out the livestream video below, coming directly from Erick Morillo’s living room. Enjoy!