Watch James Blake’s Surreal Open-Air Boiler Room DJ Set

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What can’t James Blake do? The prolific singer/songwriter is fresh off the release of his avant-garde album Playing Robots Into Heaven and is already making noise in the live circuit. A few days ago, he performed an iconic DJ set for a Boiler Room London & Soulection co-hosted event.

James Blake has become a global sensation with his signature, vocal drive ballads but not everyone knows as much of his DJ skills. Longtime fans are no strangers to his electronic-focused roots and James Blake has even alluded to those roots on his latest album.

Jame’s Blake’s Boiler Room allows the versatile artist to weave in his own music with some choice cuts of his choosing, including Lil Uzi Vert’s “Fire Alarm” & Mala’s “Lean Forward.” The result is a totally surreal vibe that translates perfectly to the open-air Boiler Room stage. Watch the full set below and enjoy!