Watch Kendrick Lamar & Prince Perform Together Live In Re-Surfaced Video

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After the untimely death of music legend Prince, more and more content from his amazing career has begun to surface; re-sparking public interest in him for a whole new generation. Many of his singles have re-emerged on the charts and countless tributes and shout outs have been made by artists and fans alike.

Kendrick Lamar busted boundaries of Hip-Hop with his Grammy winning, certified platinum album To Pimp A Butterfly, in which he bridged the gap between rap, funk, soul, and jazz. His approach to the album brought on a lineup of incredible musicians in which he hosted studio sessions sounding unlike anything we’ve heard before in rap, as we heard again with his recent Untitled, Unmastered album

Now footage has surface of Kendrick taking the stage with the legendary, late Prince. Kdot joined Prince at his Paisley Park Studios in which they delivered a monumental, completely improvised performance showing off the true genius of both artists. The coolest part is Kendrick doesn't necessarily rap a verse, but he grooves out with the musicians and delivers a funk jam going back and forth with Prince. With the passing of Prince, we lost a man who was arguably one of the most talented, well-rounded musicians in the world and it’s special to see videos like this of him having fun embracing the new generation of artists by inviting Kendrick to share the stage with him. This video is from 2014, and it’s rumored that Prince was supposed to have features on TPAB, but the timing didn’t work out. Enjoy!