Watch Kid Cudi Perform New Song “Solo Dolo Pt. 4”

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Kid Cudi may be reaching the end of his music career, but he’s not going out without a bang(er). During one of his tour stops in Europe, he debuted a new song, “Solo Dolo Pt. 4,” featuring Playboi Carti.

The song samples the original “Solo Dolo” track, which appeared on his debut album, Man On The Moon: The End Of Day. The production this time, however, features enormous amounts of bass, something that the featured artist, Playboi Carti, is known for.

“Solo Dolo Part II” appeared on Kid Cudi’s 2013 album Indicud, and “Solo Dolo, Pt. III” came on his 2020 albumĀ Man On The Moon III: The Chosen. Kid Cudi said that he currently has “one more” album in the process but that this new fourth version of “Solo Dolo” will be a single before that project comes out.

You can watch Kid Cudi perform the newest iteration of “Solo Dolo,” featuring Playboi Carti, below. Enjoy!