Watch Lab Group’s Mind-Altering Live Bass Set for DEF

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Define Everything Future, aka DEF, is setting the bar for underground live events in the American bass music scene. Stationed in Atlanta, Georgia, many of their parties take place in an abandoned boiler room. For those of us outside of Atlanta, the best part about their parties is the high-quality recordings that come along with them. We’ve recently shared sets from Ivy Lab, Mr. Carmack, and SHADES, and today we’re stoked to share the recording of Lab Group‘s set.

Lab Group was initially made of producers Charlesthefirst, Supertask, and Potions. Following the tragic passing of Charlesthefirst last year, Supertask and Potions now carry the torch. The duo is championing a new wave of experimental bass that calls on mysterious, spooky melodies and psychedelic sound design. Over the course of a headlining hour at DEF’s Boiler venue, Lab Group cycle through a head-spinning array of bass tracks, weaved together with an apt intention. The energy moves up and down throughout the set, demonstrating a wide range that we’ve been craving when it comes to bass music.

You can check out the full, hour-long set from Lab Group below. Enjoy!

Lab Group live @ DEF: The Boiler