Watch Marc Rebillet Jam with Erykah Badu & Reggie Watts

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In case you missed it, Marc Rebillet got his own series on Twitch called We’ve Got Company. Over the weekend, Marc uploaded one of the episodes of the show that featured an amazingly fun jam session with musical talents Erykah Badu and Reggie Watts.

Stationed in a makeshift living room and given a whole armory of different instruments, the three make magic together for about 40 minutes straight. With the different selection of instruments and vocals, the trio is able to expand into musical territory that Marc typically doesn’t get to go to on his own.

It never gets old watching artists dive into an improvisational flow and hold it for as long as they can.

You can catch¬†We’ve Got Company,¬†streaming biweekly, live on the Amazon Music channel on Twitch and in the Amazon Music app.

You can check out the full video below. The jam session begins right around the 19-minute mark. Enjoy!