Watch Marc Rebillet Go Off During First Stream in 3 Months

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Marc Rebillet was in the middle of a massive tour when he injured himself riding his electric unicycle and had to cancel some stops. After taking a break, Marc announced that he would be returning from his “hidey hole” and hop on stream for the first time in three whole months. This was a big occasion considering he would be doing these streams almost every week before the tour.

It seems that the time off may have helped him because he came back on the stream with a vengeance. He wasted no time getting into grooves that would last for 30 minutes at a time. The songs he would start with would completely transform into something else, over the course of the time, but he rarely comes up for air, just letting his improvisational talent take full control.

You can check out the most recent Marc Rebillet stream via Twitch below. Enjoy!

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