Watch Matt Stone & Trey Parker Sing “America, F*ck Yeah” at Red Rocks with Primus & Ween


South Park fans got a treat at Red Rocks last night, and they’re in for another one tonight. Show creators Matt Stone & Trey Parker took the landmark stage with bands Primus and Ween to celebrate the 25th anniversary of South Park by performing iconic songs from the past episodes and movies.

Those familiar with the show would definitely recognize the hits like “Kyle’s Mom’s A Bitch,” “Uncle Fucka,” and, of course, the original theme song. The setlist included 32 different songs, with the final one being “America, Fuck Yeah” from Team America: World Police.

Even though the concert just happened last night, there are tons of videos that show how fun the performances were. We found a few to share with you that featured the aforementioned songs above. According to Hollywood Reporter, the concert was taped and will eventually air on Comedy Central and Paramount+.

For now, you can check out these videos from YouTube. Enjoy!

Uncle Fucka

South Park Theme