Watch Mr. Belt & Wezol Fly Sky High While DJing In A Hot Air Balloon

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DJ sets nowadays are getting crazier and crazier. With hardly anybody in the world able to play actual shows during this time, folks are getting very creative and ballsy. Among them are house DJs Mr. Belt & Wezol, who literally took things to new heights today, sharing a video of themselves playing an hour-long set while flying in a hot air balloon.

Not only are the views gorgeous thanks to high-quality footage, but the grooves are thick. The boys managed to get a full CDJ set up up in the ballon basket, and you can tell they’re vibing as much as they can without rocking the boat too much.

Mr. Belt & Wezol are up there for a full hour. The video just gets better and better as time goes on, with the sunset creating a beautiful setting for some highly danceable house music. This is the perfect video to toss on at home and groove around to.

Check out the full video below and enjoy!