Watch Skrillex Perform A Legendary Badders Radio Set Alongside PEEKABOO & Flowdan

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Skrillex’s dominance this year has been the stuff of legends. While he’s able to sell-out the world’s biggest venues and festivals, he’s not afraid to take his talents to the streets. We saw that when he played a string of pop-up shows in NYC and now he’s taking things over to the UK.

Earlier this month, Skrillex teamed up with record shop/art bookshop/radio station, KINDRED, to perform one of his Badders Radio sets at their humble London storefront. This time he doesn’t do it alone, performing alongside PEEKABOO, Flowdad, Sicaria, M1onthebeat, and Sarz.

The set runs for just under two hours and is packed with nonstop heaters from start to finish. Each DJ adds their own unique flavor to the mix and Flowdan steals the show with his hard-hitting flow. Skrillex proves yet again that he’s a man of the people and effortlessly puts together one of our favorite radio sets of all-time. Watch the entire performance below and enjoy!