Watch Skrillex Perform With Former Band From First To Last For First Time In 10 Years


On Skrillex's birthday (Jan. 16), he decided to surprise fans by reuniting with his former band From First To Last to release "Make War". It was his first track he had done with the band in over 10 years. The group then created an Instagram account that listed the individual members of FFTL in the bio where Skrillex's handle is included.

While he's yet to make any official announcements about his return to the band, he did take the reunion up a notch by performing with FFTL last night (Feb. 7) at 'Emo Nite' in Los Angeles.

Update 2/9/17: Watch the new official 14+ minute recap from From First To Last below.



Back on my Instagram live stream …gunna play a set with my old band @FFTLAST

— SKRILLEX (@Skrillex) February 8, 2017

According to rockandmetalnewz, the band played out seven songs of theirs.

Whether or not Skrillex will be turning up for future FFTL shows or if they will be putting out more music together remains to be seen, but the crowd certainly seems to love what's going on. See below for pictures and videos from the Emo Nite gig and enjoy!

yep so that just happened… @fftlast reunited with Sonny at emo nite.

— Emo Nite (@emonightLA) February 8, 2017