Watch The Martinez Brothers Play A Soulful 2-Hour Set On A 57-Story Rooftop In Singapore

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Cercle has become one of the most amazing parts of the music scene and the Internet as a whole. What started as a small YouTube channel has grown into a world-renowned brand that even the most famous of DJs hope to be associated with. 

For those that don’t know, Cercle is a brand that invites the greatest DJs and musicians in the world to play at spectacular locations, and then livestream their set. This week, Cercle invited house and techno royalty The Martinez Brothers to play at the rooftop of Singapore’s CÉ LA VI hotel

The CÉ LA VI hotel is a world famous resort, and is one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. Their rooftop is absolutely massive, and they station The Martinez Brothers right at the edge, giving the audience a stunning view of the city-state. 

The Martinez Brothers are known for the high-paced, party-rocking, house bangers, but the dynamic duo went for a more laidback, sunset vibe on this one. They dip into many different soulful genres throughout this special 2-hour set, and the whole thing is a pleasure to watch. 

Check out the mind-boggling location and set by The Martinez Brothers below and enjoy!