Watch the Official Trailer for Kid Cudi’s ‘ENTERGALACTIC’


The next major Kid Cudi project is officially just around the corner. In case you missed it, it’s called Entergalactic, and it’s both an album and an animated film (it was originally a series, but Netflix has it listed as a 96-minute film now). Today, Kid Cudi reveals the first official trailer of the project, following the teaser and the first single release a while back.

The trailer displays the beautiful animation of the film, which is reason enough alone to check it out. It also features a never-before-heard teaser of a new song. You can get a nice introduction to the characters that will be in the show, who are voiced by talents such as Timothée Chalamet, Keith David, Vanessa Hudgens, Macaulay Culkin, Jessica Williams, Jaden Smith, and of course, Scott Mescudi.

You can check out the official Entergalactic trailer below. Enjoy!