WAVEDASH Make TSIS Debut With Impressive Dubstep Single “Like That” [Free Download]


You may want to familiarize yourself with Texas trio WAVEDASH who are making their TSIS debut with "Like That", a song that's been heavily played out over the past year by everyone from Skrillex to Dillon Francis to Excision to Snails. 

"Like That" has an eerie, cinematic buildup that grows in intensity with sharp drum hits and dark melodies. When the drop hits, there's a good chance you've heard it play live already as Skrillex made it a staple in his sets. The drop is filled with aggressive dubstep stabs and screeches that hit from every direction. While the group hasn't released a ton of music to date, they plan on self-releasing a four-track EP called Hundred on March 10 with "Like That" on it. Listen to it below and enjoy!

WAVEDASH – Like That | Free Download