Real Sick Chill Song: We Run LA – Ya Boy & Dance Remix Versions

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Today I'm featuring this real sick group called Dr. Hollywood who made the track We Run LA. The original is good, but this first one is my personal  favorite. It's a real sick remix featuring the rapper Ya Boy which makes it into an entirely different song. I find myself playing this track a lot lately. Props to Brenden from New Mexico for showing me this track.  Listen, Chill, and Enjoy!

We Run LA – Dr. Hollywood ft. Ya Boy


Download (Click Link on Page)

Next is the dance remix of the original song, without Ya Boy. At first without Ya Boy I wasn't the biggest fan, but it grew on me and I felt it was nececary to post with the first one. This will be perfect for those of you who didn't enjoy the rapping in the previous. Well it's a chill dance remix, enough said.

We Run LA – Dr. Hollywood (Dance Remix)

Dance Remix

Download (Click Link on Page)