WEIRDO Releases Non-Genre Conforming ‘A MIXTAPE FOR HEARTBREAK (2008-2020)’


Berlin-based producer, WEIRDO, has been on a mission to do things his own way since reappearing onto the scene earlier this year. After a succession of strong releases during 2020-21, he’s set to release his non-genre-conforming mixtape, A MIXTAPE FOR HEARTBREAK (2008-2020), a collection of ten tracks rotating around the sphere of lost love and new beginnings.

From the philosophical poetic writing of the “INTRO” track, through the alt-pop vibes of “CAN’T WITHOUT YOU” & “TRANSCENDENCE,” to the magical throwback ballads of “VACANCE,” “NOBODY” and “THOUGHTS/END,” there’s no clear connection between each song as they swerve in and out of production ideas and songwriting styles to form an overall intriguing playlist of love songs.

Predominantly written and produced by WEIRDO in his Berlin studio, the album consists of newer songs and older ideas of his, merged and formed into a sad yet uplifting listen. Stream the project below and enjoy!