wes mills Releases Playful Debut EP ‘nintendo 64’

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wes mills‘s stylish bucket hats and undeniable swagger aren’t the only reasons we were drawn to the rising artist. His unique, syncopated dance beats have continued to impress us, and we are thrilled to share his most exciting milestone yet. wes’s debut EP, nintendo 64has arrived.

nintendo 64 features three of wes’s most recent singles shared via bitbird, in addition to a brand new surprise track, “goldeneye 007.” The new tune is accompanied by a charismatic music video, which you can watch here.  wes continues to develop the EP’s dance-forward vibes on “goldeneye 007,” throwing a more uplifting spin on the track with bright and airy synth pads.

wes commented on the release of his debut EP, saying:

speechless. my debut EP is finally out. been working on this since last summer and feels really good to finally share the full story with you all. i grew up very involved with sports and video games and it was such a crucial part of my childhood. I would make silly videos on imovie on my parents old macbook and constantly play video games with my siblings and cousins. fast forward to now, and I’m still doing the same thing

You can stream nintendo 64 at the link below, out everywhere via bitbird. Enjoy!

wes mills – nintendo 64