What So Not, Baauer & George Maple Collaborate With Tkay Maidza On Must Hear Single “Ghost”

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Up and coming Australian singer/rapper Tkay Maidza has recruited fellow Australians What So Not and George Maple alongside Baauer on production for her latest tune, and it’s pretty crazy. The combination of talents on the production makes for a unique track you’ll need to hear multiple times.

This new track “Ghost” is a genre-defying tune blending Tkay’s singing and raps atop a fascinating experimental beat with Carmack style production. This track goes in and out of weirdness as the crashing production with frantic percussion and wonky, hitting bass drops in along Tkay’s verses and mellows back out on the hooks. Steam below and enjoy!

Tkay Maidza – Ghost Ft. Baauer, What So Not, And George Maple