What So Not is Starting a New Project

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What So Not has shared his second piece of new music of 2022, and it comes as a collaboration with fellow Aussie, Daniel Johns. Johns is the well-known frontman of the Australian rock band Silverchair, and first linked up with What So Not back in 2018 on Not All The Beautiful Things. The new song, “Stand ‘Em Up,” is one of the tracks on Johns’ new solo albumĀ FutureNever.

It appears that their friendship has continued over the years, as What So Not also announced that he’s starting a new project with Johns. “Stand ‘Em Up,” which is a loud, robust, indie electronic tune, is apparently the first piece of this upcoming new project. The two clearly have some great chemistry happening, and we’re eager to see what else they churn out. Here’s what WSN had to say about the upcoming project in an Instagram post:

I’ve started a new project. For the first time in my career, I’m releasing something that is NOT dance music. It’s with a dear friend of mine, Daniel Johns, and you’ll hear the first of it this week. Pre-save it now as part of Dan’s new album.

You can stream the new What So Not and Daniel Johns collaboration below. Enjoy!

Daniel Johns – Stand ‘Em Up (feat. What So Not)