Listen to What So Not’s Enormous New Single “Messin’ Me Up” with EVAN GIIA

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Ever since his return from hiatus, What So Not has slowly but steadily delivered new music. The Aussie favorite has now released his third single of 2021. The new track is titled “Messin’ Me Up” and features Brooklyn-based artist EVAN GIIA.

While this new single does feature a very large and cinematic sound, “Messin’ Me Up” is a slow-burner. It begins building up from the second and it starts and doesn’t deliver the final payoff until the very end. What So Not describes the track as a “giant crescendo.” He goes on to describe further the concept of the track in a lengthy message:

This song is like reading a diary entry from end 2019. Reminding me that as we come back to somewhat normality there is a lot that needs to be done outside our own little sphere. As we’ve seen, the world can change in an instant. So I implore everyone to think about the impacts of our daily activities & see if there is not some small places we can make better choices. Simply being kinder, using less single purpose plastic, or even change processes within our companies structures.

What So Not has also mentioned that this track has kicked him “back into gear.” We have a good feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot more from WSN in the near future, so stay tuned.

You can stream the new What So Not single below, which also comes alongside a music video. Enjoy!

What So Not – Messin’ Me Up (feat. EVAN GIIA)